It’s not just about your house, it’s about taking care of the people who help you make it a home ~ Sarah

Sarah is your specialist for personal lines of property for homeowners. She can cover your home and property against the unthinkable, whether it’s fire or wind. If it is flood coverage you seek, Michelle will find the policy you need. Sarah can also offer you umbrella coverage that will shield your assets more broadly than primary coverage. No one expects to lose their home, but if you do, you can feel comfort knowing that you and your family will have a plan to start rebuildling your lives. Homeowner’s insurance can also cover temporary housing costs for your family as a new home is being built, replace items that are replaceable, and give you a chance to start creating new memories that aren’t replaceable.

If you are renting, whether you’re renting a home, an apartment, or a condo – you need to be covered. In case of a disaster will your personal property be covered? It’s a scary feeling to imagine returning to your apartment to find your parking lot filled with fire trucks and the apartment building ablaze. Renters Insurance protects you from being a victim of circumstance. With one call to Sarah you will have peace of mind knowing that your hard-earned possessions can be covered.

These are scary situations. Ones we hope will never affect your life, but unfortunately they do happen. When you work with Sarah, you will always have the comfort of knowing if it happens to your family, she is going to be with you every step of the way.

Home Insurance Wilmington NC