“These are the fruits of your labors and you should never have to interrupt your enjoyment because of a lack of coverage”~ Michelle Tew

What would happen if you and your spouse are traveling the country in your motor home and, as careful as you are, you end up in a wreck? Are you covered for cross country travel? What happens when you find your vehicle is going to take two weeks to fix? Do you have coverage for a rental? An RV insurance policy will insure the items that are exclusive to owning a motor home or coach. This includes awnings, slide-outs, stairs, and ladders. The proper RV insurance will also protect you if an injury occurs in or around your recreational vehicle. You might also keep in mind that towable RVs are not at all covered by regular auto insurance, and Michelle will find out if it is possible to combine your policies.

Since these kinds of vehicles are outside of the normal auto coverage you need to have the proper policy. Michelle will sit down with you and go over what needs to be covered from travel trailers, ATVs, jet skis to small boats and even yachts. We want you to have all the fun you deserve…without the worry!